Shrimp Artemia Brine Food-Hatching Fish-Feed Eggfood-Fish Fresh 1 100g 500g Premium-Quality

    Shrimp Artemia Brine Food-Hatching Fish-Feed Eggfood-Fish Fresh 1 100g 500g Premium-Quality Specification & Description Summary

    Shrimp Artemia Brine Food-Hatching Fish-Feed Eggfood-Fish Fresh 1 100g 500g Premium-Quality Specification

    • Max Output500g
    • Volume1L
    • OriginCN(Origin)
    • Min Output100g

    2020 Hot sale 100g 250g 500g Hatch Brine Shrimp Eggs Premium Quality Marine Fish Food

    We promise: This is the best small fish feed. Before we send the package, we will carefully check the quality of each bag of eggs, the freshness of eggs, and whether the outer packaging of the product is damaged. We only hope to give you the best products!(Dear friends, due to the reasons of logistics and weather, the incubation rate may be slightly reduced, Before you bring up the dispute, please contact us and we will return it to you for settlement. Please don't give us 1-star evaluation easily, because the goods are particulate matter and the transportation is troublesome, which may cause the goods unable to be transported. Please don't worry, we will refund you. Thank you)Product InformationProduct Name: Crown red eggStorage: sealed under 0° (can be frozen in the refrigerator)Ingredients: protein >75.%, fat >17.5%Advantages: rich in nutrient value; the hatching shrimps after hatching are small and have a strong vitality.Incubation Tips:1. Bottle 500 ml of fresh tap water;2. Weigh a 12-gram salt into a bottle filled with water and stir well;3. Put 1 gram of shrimp eggs in a well-made salt water bottle and let stand for 2 hours to allow the eggs to fully absorb water;4. After standing for 2 hours, use an air pump to add air to the inside, and add gas until the shrimp eggs are no longer standing still;5. Keep the indoor temperature at 25-28 degrees Celsius. At 24 hours, the brine shrimp eggs will be separated.(If you need an incubator, you can click the picture below, and it will automatically take you to the purchase interface of the incubator!)!!!!

    Feedback from buyers around the world

    Dear friends, according to the buyer's questions, we have carefully made suggestions on product incubation and preservation. Please read carefully:

    1. This product, as long as it can reach the incubation conditions, stop inflating for 15 minutes, and the insect and shell will be separated automatically. After the separation, the insects are concentrated at the bottom of the incubator, which is orange red, and the insects can be seen swimming happily. The shell will float on the surface of the water, and the shallow plate is not easy to hatch and separate.2 Sunk egg is the egg with poor quality, low hatching rate and no vitality after hatching. The quality of shrimp eggs mainly depends on the hatchability. The incubation rate of this product can reach 90% - 98%. Please feel free to purchase3. shallow dish can be replaced by water cup. Just set the water and temperature as required. The temperature is controlled at about 28 degrees. I suggest that you do not use shallow dish hatching, because the hatchability of shallow dish is 10% lower than that of inflatable hatchability4 .The best incubation temperature is 28 ℃, the high temperature should not be more than 30 ℃, and the low temperature should not be less than 25 ℃. If the incubation temperature is too high or too low, prolonging the incubation time will not succeed5. You can't put the heating rod into the incubator directly, too high local temperature will kill the shrimp and reduce the hatchability.6. When hatching eggs, as long as the amount of air pump can flush the eggs evenly, this is the best amount of air pump7. After receiving the shrimp eggs, they must be stored in the refrigerator. The colder they are, the better. They can only be kept for half a month under normal temperature8. The frozen shrimp eggs need to be thawed at room temperature for about 3 hours before hatching, and then they can return to hatching rate9. It is a normal phenomenon that the shrimp eggs stick to the bottle wall after air hatching, which will not affect hatching. After 12 hours, it can be washed down from the bottle wall with water

    Friendly reminder:

    Since the brine shrimp egg is a living dormant egg, it is a kind of special life bait. It needs to be sealed and stored frozen after receiving the goods (strictly kept as required), because its incubation time is 24 hours, which means customers. After receiving the goods for 24 hours, we will know the quality of the goods. Therefore, please confirm the quality of the goods within 3 days after receiving the goods. After 3 days, the buyer has no objection. We will think that the buyer approves the sale of the goods. It can hatch the hatching rate of red eggs of brine shrimp eggs. Remember to store at room temperature for a long time. I hope friends can cooperate, thank you!

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    Shrimp Artemia Brine Food-Hatching Fish-Feed Eggfood-Fish Fresh 1 100g 500g Premium-Quality

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